Thursday, July 05, 2007

My New Job......

Yesterday I started my new job.... my new job is the following: I give a "blow job" for 20 bucks (per guy)...... I continue (sucking dick/cock) until the guy either stops ejaculating or 10 minutes go by........ my first customer was my step-brother's friend; he said it was the best "blow job" he has ever gotten.......... just so that you can get an idea about how I do it, click here; I do everything the girl in this video does and more!!!!!!!!!


Jessica White


Anonymous said...

On an earlier blog you contemplated what sort of ass you'd want. What about boob size?

Personally I'd want a decent size rack, similar to someone like Keeley Hazell or Lucy Pinder (top British babes.) I'd probably go somewhere like to do some research first!

iwiwag said...

Hello "anonymous",

Your right.... I've decided that I want these kinds of boobs:



.... In words, I would want my tits to be proportion to my ass ; boobs with size C would be what I want!!!!!!

Thanks for reminding me about this ;)