Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Want To Be Her!!!!!!!

I Want To Be Her!!!!!!! Just for one month.............. I wonder how many "guys" would be hitting on me? I bet a-whole-lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dam... It would be so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being "Jami":

P.S. I'm curios about how it would be, to be Female; that is, a HOT young woman.... But don't get me wrong, I would never change my sex or do any other crazy thing!!!! I'm a straight man with this fanasty :) I simply wouldn't mind experiencing what it would be like to be a HOT young female.


mike said...

Wow! If I were her I woul stand infront of the miror all day staring at myself. I noticed the mail box> How do I get her delvered to me?

mike said...

sorry about the spelling,a little taken by her.

abaddon1215 said...

First things first: I don't wish I were a girl. BUT IF I WERE, I'd stay in the shower all day.

Cool, if not slightly disturbing blog title by the way.

Andrea said...

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